LED Lighting

How does LED technology work?

Light emitting diodes (LED) technology uses miniature light bulbs that fit into an electrical circuit. This circuit is built with a solid state semiconductor, not a filament that is susceptible to "burn out", and provides better conductivity, therefore utilizing lower watts and wasting less energy than typical light fixtures.

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LED lighting is more efficient in converting electricity to illumination and is the optimum choice for companies who are taking an aggressive approach to energy reduction and savings.

Although the initial cost of LED implementation is higher than CFL's, LED lighting technologies have the lowest TCO (total cost of ownership) than any other lighting option. Other benefits include:

    • Most efficient bulbs in the market w/lowest amount of maintenance

    • Longest bulb life; 50,000+ hours

    • Low heat output

    • Perform consistently in a wide range of temperatures

    • Instant on/off

    • Highest return-on-investment over time

Our team of experts offer a wide range of LED products to include:

    • LED Fixtures/Retrofits

    • LED Fixtures with bolt-on occupancy sensors

    • Intelligent Lighting Systems:Include a LED light fixtures, occupancy sensors, daylight harvesting, and a technology platform that combines building intelligence/data and software-based "rules" to determine where and when to deliver light within a facility. Some clients see as much as 80% energy reduction with Digital Lumen's Intelligent Lighting Systems.

      * All fixtures and systems come with a 5-year warranty from Digital Lumens.

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EMS partners with Digital Lumens for all LED retrofit projects. Digital Lumens provides the most rugged, industrial design-grade LED systems in today's market with the highest customer satisfaction rate.