We specialize in working with industrial organizations to create immediate, sustainable change by reducing energy expenses by 40-60% with fluorescent and LED lighting technologies.


Our customized design plans optimize your energy savings and provide rapid return-on-investment; our turnkey project management process result in a seamless, hassle-free transition to energy savings.


From full-scale design to retrofitting existing lighting systems, EMS will replace old and obsolete lighting systems with new lighting technologies that will:

    • Reduce energy consumption by 40-60% (CFL) or 60-80% (LED).

    • Provide an additional 10-20% savings with motion sensors and lighting controls.

    • Provide a rapid ROI; payoffs within 1.5-2.5 years.

    • Reduce carbon emissions.

    • Provide longer-bulb life than metal halides and high pressure sodium bulbs; reducing replacement and maintenance costs.

    • Eliminate long restrike times that accompany metal halides.

    • Keep your facility in compliance with OSHA requirements and ISO 50001 standards.

    • Implement task lighting that improves safety and quality assurance.

    • Improve the overall appearance of your work environment.

Our Process does not begin and end with changing lights.

Our turnkey approach to


provides lifecycle project management and a seamless transition to energy savings for our clients.